5 hidden Facts to Consider before Buying Inflatable Spas

The beauty and pleasure of buying inflatable spas are some of the most straightforward reasons to find to buy one. Moreover, they can be way cheaper to buy and maintain, then easier to operate. What shall we even say of the fact that you can always set it up or pack it up at will? However, many buyers may just be jumping on the bandwagon. At the same time, they are essential of specific facts because the latter is hidden from casual eyes. 

5 hidden Facts to Consider before Buying Inflatable Spas

Of course, you can get hot inflatable spas for as low as $350 for two adults. Top brand products also may include the Avenli, Coleman, Bestway, and Intex models. Apart from the question of price and each spa’s essential features, you should also ask if these products are really worth it. Before you buy inflatable spas, can you take some time to ask the hidden questions of what is not said? Let us consider some of these confidential questions that should profit your decision

What is it about the size?

There are two parameters for measuring the size of an inflatable bathtub; the tub’s inner and outer thickness and the volume of water it can take. Suppose you are really looking at the outer diameter of the tub the internal size. In that case, you may short-change yourself in overrating the volume. For instance, if the tub has an outer diameter of 75 inches and a thickness of 15 inches, it means the inner diameter is about 60 inches only. 

So, imagine how many people can stay in a circle of 60 inches diameter; that is the number of people the tub can take. At the same time, the size of the inflatable spa will determine the volume of water it can take and the number of seats it will contain. On the other hand, the Avenli Victory spa is a premium product with 90 surrounding jets and a premium drop stitch for durability. It can also take up to 940 liters of water, having an inner diameter of 152 cm.

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What about the Jets?

Inflatable spas often have several bubble jets, and this helps remove unwanted air bubbles. Although they are also called jets, users should not mistake them for the usual massaging jets in a regular tub. On the contrary, inflatable spas jets are simply the air orifices that air can easily escape through. Meanwhile, the real action of removing the air bubbles may cause some disturbing noise. So, you may want to protect your ears from such noise with headphones once you start the air blower. 

Ask your dealer if you need to carry inflatable parts

It is a rather difficult or impossible task to find replacement parts for the parts of the inflatable spas. In fact, if you ask your local store dealer or retailer for such things, you may get a burst of laughter in return or just scratching the head. The honest answer is that you can hardly find replacement parts, or if you find them, they might be pretty expensive. In some cases, some of these companies don’t even produce inflatable spas.

Therefore, like many manufacturing companies, they outsource the production of some of the parts. Offshore companies are in charge of these productions, and you may not contact them directly by yourself. Even when you get in touch with them, these parts may be very costly for an individual consumer to buy. Since these replacement parts cost this much, then you need to take special responsibility for taking care of your inflatable spa.

The High Cost of Electricity

While you plan to get inflatable spas for your pleasure, think of the zapping cost of electricity it takes to run them. The ease of running this equipment also comes at an electricity price. Meanwhile, the air is the only insulating factor here, so you may be spending up to $450 worth of electricity in one year. So, keeping the tub heated for a prolonged time you will be using it costs some money. Be ready for that. Comparatively, this amount is about double what a resin or acrylic hot tub would require. 

Don’t Struggle With The Filter

Inflatable spas usually require that you endeavor to change the water filters every 2 weeks on average. Although, this need depends on how much you use the hot tub and what source of water you fill up with. On the other hand, the tub filters of available hot tubs can last for a whole year. But the filters of these inflatable tubs are pretty small and more difficult to leave for a long time. Therefore, the best bet is to only use it for a relatively short time. Expectedly, many retailing shops that sell these filters sell them in multiples of 6, 12, or 24 to serve for a longer time. 

Required time to heat up the spa

While preparing for the use of your inflatable spa, ensure you give it enough time to heat up and be ready for use. For instance, when you start to heat it up, it may increase by about 10 in every hour. What that subtlety implies is that you cannot possibly heat it up in the morning and expect a hot tub at night. It may take up to 50 hours to achieve a 500 increase in temperature in more practical terms. Raising your water temperature from, say, 450 to 950 will take up to 50 hours, which is more than 2 days. 


The idea of getting your own inflatable spas is not a bad idea after all, as long as you are sufficiently prepared for these stated concerns. Similarly, some of these factors already comprise suggestions to make it easier for consumers. On the other hand, others require a lot of effort to make things work and manage. In all, the ability to cope with these facts may also lie in the particular model of inflatable spas that you choose. Overall, inflatable spas are better suited for convenience and affordability than conventional ones. You should take advantage of that. 

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