5 Health Benefits Of Inflatable Spa Bath (Plus Caution)

You don’t need a thousand reasons to start taking spa baths. Besides that it helps you unwind and escape the stress of a long hard day, soaking yourself in a spa bath provides even more benefit. 

Whether you own an inflatable spa or use your gym’s spa space. What matters is getting soaked up once in a while. It’s good for your body and soul. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the little time you spend in a spa has some health benefit, apart from the soothing freshness it brings to your being?

Let’s explore some health benefits of spending some time in a spa bathtub. 

1. Better Cardiovascular Health 

Soaking yourself in a bath spa is a great cardiac workout that can lower blood pressure and improve your vascular function. 

According to a study published by the United States National Library of Medicine, the researchers hypothesized that “heat therapy has a widespread and robust effect on the vascular function”. 

The researchers also discuss that passive hot water immersion could be a viable treatment for cardiovascular disorders, especially in people with low exercise tolerance. 

In essence, intermittent hot water immersion gives a close to similar health effect as exercise on the body. Hence, it can be deployed as an alternative means of improving cardiovascular health. Especially for patients with low exercise tolerance, a spa bath elevates cardiac output. 

2. Calories Burn

Although not the next big diet theory, an Inflatable spa bath helps metabolism and it’s good to support for anyone trying to shed some weight. 

For those who find it difficult to exercise or just couldn’t find the time to, a hot spa bath can help shed some weight without any diet change. 

Earlier studies have shown that people who get soaked in a hot bathtub for an hour burn nearly the same amount of calories as a 30-minutes walk. It also revealed that a 30-minute session of spa bath six days a week can help shed away four pounds in a single month. 

The above does not imply that a spa bath can replace exercise, but will surely come in handy for those that find it difficult to exercise. 

3. Pain and Anxiety Relief

In general, warm water is good for relaxing the tense muscle and alleviating aches and pains. 

For people with arthritis, getting soaked in hot water provide a massage-like sensation which in turn loosens the stiffness, inflammation and ultimately reduces the body pain. 

If you are suffering some muscle, joint, or tendon pain that doesn’t feel like a broken or fractured bone, a good spa bath session can be the one path to your relief. You don’t need to leave your house or even run to visit a doctor. 

A warm bath is more likely to help you feel better. It takes the weight off your joint and supports your body. This gives more flexibility to your overall bodily joints. Just like a regular after-work shower, a spa bath takes it even a step further. 

Although a spa bath isn’t the ideal treatment to get rid of anxiety, to some extent, it contributes significantly to keeping your mental stress under control and promote a feeling of general wellbeing. 

4. Sleep Deep and Better 

The simple relaxation you get from a gentle spa bath can help you drift off into a more relaxed sleep. The science behind hydrotherapy effects on quality of sleep and other bodily function is never far-fetched. 

As explained earlier, a soak in a hot tube will surely raise your body temperature, unstiffen your joints, and relaxes your muscles. This in turn promotes better and more restful sleep. 

The hot tube bubble jets gives a soothing effect that lets you drift off more peacefully. Thanks to the warm water, massaging action and internal calmness provide during the session. 

5. Leaves You Clean and Freshened Up

This is arguably the most obvious benefit of a hot spa. Heat opens up your pores and allows clean water to get rid of toxins and dirt deep down your skin. 

By opening your pores, the detoxification process is more intense and can be especially good in a clean ambiance. This will leave you more refreshed with clearer skin and a better feeling. 

Is Spa Bath Good For Everyone? 

That question is better answered by a doctor. Because of the risk involved, a spa bath despite its benefit isn’t for everyone. So, if you are interested in starting a spa bath regimen but aren’t sure maybe it’s right for you or not, you should always consult your doctor. 

Especially people with underlying health issues such as;

1. Heart disease: Even though getting immersed in a warm spa can be a good regimen for some people with cardiovascular concerns, it is generally dangerous for many. This is due to its effects on blood pressure and heart rate. 

2. Pregnant Women: During pregnancy, doctors advise expecting mothers to stay away from a warm bath. Pregnant women quickly get overheated, which may in turn harm their baby. 

3. Skin injuries: You should avoid getting into a warm spa bath with open sores, cuts, and rashes. This is to reduce the risk of infection and irritation or making the water unsafe for your spa partners. 

4. Low Blood Pressure: Warm spa baths are known to help lower blood pressure. People already suffering from low blood pressure are advised to stay away from a spa bath, as it may lower their blood pressure further. 

5 Health Benefits Of Inflatable Spa Bath (Plus Caution)


While the health benefits of good immersions are very significant, it isn’t an almighty health therapy. Rather than being a complete wellness regimen, it does well to supplement a healthy lifestyle. 

If your health allows it and your doctor’s advice such, you shouldn’t hesitate to get soaked up, because it does help people feel better.

NOTE: Don’t be deceived by these many health benefits. A warm spa bath isn’t for everyone. Let’s your doctor decide. 

Maya Maxwell-Mahon

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